SAP Barcode Integration


SAP Barcode Integration

Barcode scanners – also called radio data terminals – are mobile devices used by storage workers to handle business processes in the IT system, e.g. SAP.

With SAP ERP scanners are connected online allowing dynamic implementation of tasks in the system, such as collecting pallets to release delivery, distribution of goods in the warehouse, etc. To enable communication between the scanner and the system, a proper translator is required which will “translate” the transaction screen from SAP ERP into the mobile device screen.

An advantage of barcode scanners is quick entry of data to the transaction by scanning barcodes (1d or 2d, so called QR code). Thanks to this, for example during the receipt of goods to the warehouse the user of the scanner does not have to manually enter the material number, quantity, batch, etc., but only scan the information from the barcode. Apart from saving time, we avoid mistakes while entering data. Additionally, operating a small and handy reader in the conditions of a warehouse is easier and more efficient. These devices are usually quite resistant to mechanical damage and reliable in their operation.

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sap barcode integration

Barcode Solution is a simple-to-use, cost-effective out-of-the-box SAP barcode system that enables companies to integrate their barcode scanners and automatic data collection (ADC) devices to their SAP systems faster, cheaper and at a lower risk than would otherwise be possible. The FTSPL Barcode Solution to SAP Solution allows users to select from a wide variety of pre-built SAP barcode transactions and is delivered as a fully supported product that installs in minutes and requires absolutely no custom coding. Deployed worldwide for almost 20 years, NLINK’s SAP Certified Interfaces work with any version of SAP R/3 and SAP ECC and requires no additional SAP components to be purchased, or installed into the SAP landscape.

This platform :

  • Exchanges data between traditional back-end systems to multiple barcode device
  • Improving pipeline performance
  • Monitoring of dispatch and builds strong sales pipeline

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