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In todays’ dynamic world where uniqueness soon becomes a commodity, companies look for new ways to innovate and keep themselves competitive and ‘different’. The efficiencies that can be brought into the organization using IT are enormous. The potential can be realized not by buying technology but by building, implementing and institutionalizing technology with the help of the right partner.

Strategic planning in a way that maximizes outcomes. Too many companies reach success once but then end up floundering. The reason is that these companies did not plan with any strategy in mind. FTSPL ensures that all of its clients have a strategic plan that outlines the company’s vision and how it aims to achieve that vision.


Strategic SAP Consulting Services transforms business processes with our industry-centric expertise

Business Process Modernization

We help clients re-engineer business processes to modernize operations. FTSPL takes a holistic view of the customer, understands the reasons behind an initiative, and discovers how it impacts future business growth.

Change Management

FTSPL helps clients recognize the changes necessary to achieve high-performing business objectives and then manage those changes. Our proven change management approach will help your company realize long-term, tangible business benefits.

Enterprise Performance Management

Our comprehensive and industry-centric EPM solutions enables clients to integrate software, services, best practices, and partners to achieve greater business performance.

IT Governance

FTSPL’s IT Governance implementation provides better corporate visibility to enhance business value and maximize benefits.

IT Strategy

FTSPL partners with clients to create effective IT strategies and environments that increase maximum return on investments.