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We have been working with global customers for years. With the rich expertise of our team we can develop mobile software applications for i-Phone, Symbian,Android, BlackBerry, and J2ME. Our highly collaborative development processes integrates the SW development, Architecture, Use Case Generation, Modeling,QA, Performance Testing, Unit Testing, Code Reviews, Version Control, Risk Management and Change Management for best results for our customer. We adopt best practices such as Agile, Iterative Development, Prototyping and Time Boxing.

Work together with your company and partners in most areas
related to your mobility and user experience….

cross-platform, Industry specific

  • cross platform
  • industry specific
  • cost effective

You can transform your business to a revenue-producing asset that lets you work as much or as little as you want.

sap mobility

SAP Mobility Platform gives you the tools you need to drive mobile initiatives across your entire organization – with a consistent development platform highly adaptable to ever-changing business needs.

This platform :

  • Exchanges data between traditional back-end systems to multiple mobile devices
  • Enables creation of enterprise-grade applications using a single development platform
  • Empowers workers to access enterprise applications on corporate or personal devices
  • Protects data with end-to-end encryption and enhanced application security
  • Improves customer segmentation
  • Deliver personalized and cost-effective campaigns
  • Real-time customer perceptions anytime, anywhere
  • Improving pipeline performance
  • Monitoring of campaigns and builds strong sales pipeline
  • Provides sales tools for swifter closure of deals
  • Drives service revenue and expedites creative problem solving
  • Creates better understanding of customer sentiments and perceptions

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FT Solution brings a lot of value in service, rate, flexibility, skills and the ease of the working relationship as part of our team. They bring added value of SAP Mobility to the project and are easy to manage and work with. Communications are open with understanding from top to bottom.

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